Civilboss Twin Wall Drainage

Waters and Farr manufactured twin wall CivilBoss pipes are offering a smooth internal bore in combination with a stiff corrugated hollow load bearing outer layer. This structure allows a mechanically stiff pipe that is very light in comparison to solid wall pipes of the same stiffness value.

CivilBoss pipes are manufactured using polypropylene in 6m lengths, its stiffness rating is SN16 (SN8 to special order). Polypropylene offers increased stiffness and impact resistance. It is produced with a grey internal bore, has low roughness coefficient (Colebrook-White 0.003-0.015 mm).

CivilBoss pipes are designed and installed to AS/NZS 2566.1 and AS/NZS 2566.2 standards as well as being conformant to NZTA culvert specification.

CivilBoss pipe is manufactured and licensed to AS/NZS 5065 (Bureau Veritas S Mark Licence No 2730).